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Renting A Firearm

You Must be Eligible to Buy a Firearm in CA to Be Able to Rent a Firearm At Our Facility.

1st - If You Are the Primary Person Renting the Firearm - the actual renter.
         You must have a Valid CA Driver's License or ID.

2nd - You must be a US Citizen.
          Resident Alien with a copy of your INS card.
          Visa Holder with Valid Hunting License.

3rd - You must be age 21 or older to rent a handgun or pistol grip shotgun
         You must be age 18 or older to rent a long-gun.

4rd - You must have someone with you (over age 16).
         A Firearm of your own.

5th - You and your Party will be required to watch a 20 minute video.
         And Answer Questions from it in order to be able to rent.

6th - We are in the business of selling Ammo - our gun our ammo.

Extra Shooters on the same lane with the person renting the firearm - only need to show a valid picture ID.

If you are under 18 but over 16, you can shoot with your adult friends, But - Only with a signed and verified Parental Permission Slip. We will be calling to verify all information.

If you are under 16, you can only shoot with your parents or legal guardians.  If the person who is your guardian is under 25, we will need proof of guardianship.

Pricing - Each firearm has it's own price and the ammo costs very greatly.  We recommend bringing $50 to $70 per person when you come in.  If you are conservative and stick to the lower priced items you will usually spend less then $40 each. Keep track of your choices and how many times you reach for seconds, people have been known to run up quit the bill on a girl's night out.  Each Firearm Rented Will be charged separately.

You do not need a FSC Card to Rent a firearm.

When you come in - proceed straight across the room to the far corner and watch the video.  When you are certain that you know everything that the video has to teach (20+ minutes), Proceed to the check in counter and get a CHIT (4.25 x 11 - 1/2 sheet) from the Blue Box on the rental counter and the Rental Form (8.5 by 11 - full sheet) next to it and fill them out.  Remember to have everyone fill out the back of the chit and get their Ids out.  The person with the most experience (who is actually renting the firearm) files out the top of the rental form and the Top of the CHIT.

If we look like we have a waiting list - please make sure to give your name and party size to the person running the waiting list at the front counter.

We can/will only rent one firearm to a group with no experience. And only one firearm per experienced person in the group.  We also only rent one firearm at a time per lane.  So one experienced person in the group, means one lane and one firearm.

Feel free to bring your ammo for your guns or to buy some here. We do not allow Aluminum or Steel cases on our range. (Why, because we have to sort them out and dispose of them as hazardous materials, they are not recyclable or re-loadable)

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