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Range Rules
Always = Usually the Law - Definitely required by us.
Suggested = Highly recommended - Some Say Law
No = Not Allowed without Certification.
Never = Forget It - Don't Even Ask.

Always - Unload your firearms before transporting them to the range.
Always - Transport your firearms in (a) locked container(s)
Always - Transport any ammo in a separate compartment from the Firearms

Suggested - Safety lock each Firearm Individually

No - Rapid Fire
No - Double Taps
No - Head Shots
No - Holsters

Never - Remove a Loaded Firearm from the Shooting Point
Never - Holster a Firearm Outside a Training Class on the Range

Firearms Rentals
- We use the buddy system for range safety -
Bring a Friend/Family Member - or - Bring a Firearm of your own.

We will only rent a firearm to individuals who have a firearm of their own or to individuals who have a buddy with them.  We will not rent a firearm to an individual who walks in off the street without a personal friend of family member with them or a firearm of their own.

The second person does not have to enter the range with you.  They will need to stay present in the building and provide their name, address, phone#, Id information, other personal information, and sign a acknowledgment that they know you and that you are not despondent, depressed or suicidal.  (Suicide Prevention)

We rent firearms to:
US Citizens with a Valid Drivers License or passport
Resident Aliens w/Green Card and Drivers License
Visa Holders with a Hunting License and Drivers License
21 and older May rent or buy a handgun & ammo.
18- to 21-year-old may rent or buy a shotgun or rifle w/ammo.
18- to 21-year-olds may shoot a handgun in the company of those over the age of 21.
16- to 18-year-olds Must have a Minors Permission Slip completed by their legal guardian(s)
Under 16 Must be with Parent(s) or Legal guardian(s).
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