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Why is your Gun Counter Closed?   The Range is Still Open

We are a Shooting Range First and Foremost.  In order to insure that we can provide great service to the shooting community we need to stop and revamp a few things before we come back stronger and better.

We need to spend the next month fixing the old Girl up.  We have been in continuous operation since 1982.
  We please bear with us and be patient.  Check our web site for updates and give the crew and management the space to work.

Why do you collect my CDL information on all purchases?

Simply put – We do not want prohibited people in our facility. If someone is prohibited (not allowed to have and/or purchase a firearm) they should not be here. Our policy of carding and recording all customer's IDs is our only option to discourage prohibited people from patronizing our shop.

Do you sell the information you collect when I use your facility?


Do you keep a data base of the information you collect when I use the range or buy ammo or cleaning supplies?

No - Our paper merchandise receipts are not transferred to a data base. They are stored for 5 years and then shredded. We are planning to change this soon to meet customer requests for a faster check in and check out process.  We do have a data base of gun sales - for reporting purposes (ATF traces) and customers needing purchase history (more common than you can believe).

Why do you keep my info for so long?

Tax reporting purposes. Simply put – the government requires that we be able to prove income and expenses. When it is safe to destroy them for IRS and sales tax purposes,  we use a on site shredding service to eliminate them.

Do you let the cops look at my information?

Yes, but access is restricted.  If the police come in and prove that they are investigating a crime, we give them all the help we can. We will give them access to a specified time line and to specific individual's information. However, we do not give them unlimited access to our records, we provide access only to those records that can help them with their investigation. Any additional access is only granted by court order or as required by law.

Why does it take so long to make a gun purchase at your store?

We are a high volume shop – we sell more firearms than most of the shops in the bay area. We definitely have the longest hours of operation (that we know of) and the most employees around. If we were only open 40 hours a week and  had one or two employees processing gun sales, we could remove most of the safety checks we require. Our gun counter is open 10am to 10pm - 7 days a week - we have over a dozen staff members that process gun sales. Our additional procedures ensure that mistakes are captured as soon as possible.

Why do I have to have everything before you will start my sale?

We inspect every aspect of the purchase several times. We need time to get everything checked and corrected before you pick up your firearm. We can not deliver the firearm until everything is as perfect as possible. Any document we take at time of pick up would not be properly reviewed.

Why are you so picky about everything related to my gun purchase?

ATF and DOJ conduct regular audits of our facility and records. Each time they find an error we create a procedure to stop its recurrence. If they find the same mistakes in subsequent audits they can pull our license. No amount of income/profit is worth losing our license and being shut down. We would rather sell fewer guns per year the right way, than sell more guns and leave our license exposed. We share your frustration in the amount of BS required to ensure a clean sale, but we have to make sure that we are in compliance.

Other shops are not so rigid in their process and requirements – why are you?

There has been several gun shop closures over the last 10 years. Especially the bigger volume shops. We are one of the biggest volume shops in the area. We do not want to be the next shop closed for some clerical error that can be avoided.

Do you have a mailing list?

We don't have one at this time. As we develop our new check-in system (slow process) we are looking at including an option for you to elect into a mailing/contact list.

Why can't I use my CDL/ID as Proof of Residency to buy a handgun?

CA DOJ knows how many people do not update their address with DMV after they move.  DOJ wants to know where you live today, not last month or last year.

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