TARGET MASTERS WEST                     Serving the Shooting Community for Over 25 Years

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Other Stuff

Government Links

     BSIS - Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
           California Department of Consumer Affairs
           Government Agency in charge of Guard Licensing
Target Masters West - No longer directly provides these services

     CA Approved Guns - Roster of Certified Guns

     FSC-Study Guide (Handgun Safety Certificate)

     DOJ - Firearms Division - (Department Of Justice)


     Minor's Permission Form - Used for 16 - 18 year old minors to come to the range

     Pregnancy Waiver to Shoot - We do not recommend shooting during pregnancy!!

     FFL Transfer Paperwork - Used For shipping a firearm to the store


     Police Letter Head Requirements - To waive the 10 day waiting period
       Active duty police officers for Duty guns only

Company Links

     Employment Application


Buying A Firearm

     Firearm Purchase - Over View

     All Buyers - Valid ID - CDL/ID w/Current Address - Address Correction

     Resident Aliens & Visa Holders Only

     All Firearm Purchasers - FSC Cards & Equivalencies - w/Hands On Demo info

     Handgun Buyers - Additional Proof Of Residency Required

     All Buyers - Gun Sale Tracker

     Valid Lease or Rental Agreement

     Prohibited Prohibiting Categories and List of Prohibiting Misdemeanors

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