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Closed For Cleanup
The Facility was Closed Friday the 3rd of May by the County.

For the Last couple of months reporter Joe Rubin has been working to shut our facility down.  He accomplished his goal yesterday and got the county to Red Tag us.

Joe's motives center around lead exposure and after more than one angle he found his mark. We would like to thank Mr. Rubin for his diligent effort to protect the public.

We are going to do our best to cleanup, upgrade and do the work to re open as soon as possible.  Your prayers and emotional support are greatly appreciated.

If you know any California Certified Lead Abatement people please have them drop their card at the range.

Please check back here for updates....
As we may not be able to get to the door or the phone.

05/04/2019 As of this update the county has said we can only have employees in the building.

If you have a firearm that needs to be delivered/picked up (Already Registered)
Please follow the instruction provided - here -

Gun Counter is open but short staffed

- - - - The Range counter is always Open - - - -

We have started providing basic gun registration services again.

When you come in - please bring a completed gun sale tracker or fill one out when you get here. Make sure you have everything you need to process your gun sale.

Once you have everything you need please check in at the counter and see who is available. If no one is available right then, we will be glad the book you an appointment to come back and register your purchase.

PPTs are being done by appointment only. Bring in your paperwork so we can make sure that everything is ready to go and we will book you an appointment when the appropriate staff is here and has time to work with you.

Serving the Shooting Community for Over 25 Years
Milpitas Shooting Range
Indoor Shooting Range & Gun Shop

122 Minnis Circle
Milpitas, CA 95035

- The Range Is Open -
7 Days a Week
10 A.M. to Midnight
Sundays 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Open on holidays except for Thanksgiving/Christmas
We Close Early on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

- The Gun Counter Is Open -
- As Staffing Allows -
10am to 8pm

We recommend that you come down to shoot - and IF Staffing Allows????
We would be happy to help you with registering your New Firearm.

- No Sales Persons -
Please be advised that we do not have Sales Persons.
Our staff will not come up and ask if you want or need help.
We are busy doing all the things need to make sure the range is ready and safe.
And making sure that we are ready and able to help you, when, you ask for help.

So please ask to see something when ready.
Remember to Study the "Buying A Firearm Page"
and Bring A Completed Gun Sale Tracker with you.

17 Shooting Lanes
Individually Controlled Target System

Quick Links
 -  CA Approved Firearms -
Roster of Certified Firearms

If the handgun you are looking for is not on this list
 - you cannot buy it in CA -

Most Single Action revolvers & Single Shot handgun
are exempt from having to be listed.

Firearm Safety Certificate Program


FSC - Firearm Safety Certificate Program Information - DOJ site

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