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Buying a Firearm

Sorry But  Our Gun Counter is Currently Closed

- - - - The Range is Still Open - - - -

Gun Counter is Closed

Until Further Notice

But We are Doing a Limited number of sales by appointment only.
Get the line number from the tag and see a clerk at the Range counter.

Revised Date
Projected Re-Open Date 04/15/2019

We will be reopening the Counter ASAP

Please check back here for updates as to the Gun Counter Re-Opening

- - - - The Range Is Still Open - - - -

Have a Firearm on Layaway Or need to Pick Up your Firearm,
Call between 10am and Noon Monday through Friday to book and appointment to Pick it up your Registered Gun, or to register your layaway.  All other transactions including new sales, PPTs, FFL Transfers, Ammo Transfers and New Special Orders will be turned away.

We are conducting retraining and auditing of all processes and paperwork though out the building and we need to apply all hands on deck for these efforts.

Want to Help - Get a COE and give a hand.

We will reopen for gun counter after we have completed this work.

I want to apologize ahead of time to all our faithful customers.  We appreciate your business and hope to be back in action ASAP.  For those of you who insist on coming down and trying to get us to sell you a gun during this time.  The answer will be NO and if you push it, we will not be nice, during this stress-full system reboot. So please don't push and wait for the reopening notice here on this page.
- Bill -
The Cranky Old Fat Guy

- See Above Notice -

All documents must be present and complete - before we will start any sale.

You must be 21 to purchase -Any Firearm as of 01/01/2019

All Firearm Buyers must have a valid CA Drivers License or ID Card
(military ID w/station orders OK)
Must Have Current Residential Address - PO Boxes require Validating -

- see above notice -

All purchaser must provide a FSC Card
 - FSC CardMore Info
 - Firearm Safety Certificate - 30 question test - $25 fee -
- FSC Cards & Equivalencies -

Resident Aliens Must Provide - Actual INS Card - Alien Registration Number

Visa Holders must provide - Actual Visa document with I-94 Number
A valid hunting license on top of all other requirements

- Handgun Buyers Must Also Provide the Following -

- See Above Notice -

CA Handgun POR (proof of residency)
    - CDL/ID is not allowed to be used for this requirement -
    Best Documents: Valid DMV Registration, Current Utility Bill, Residential Lease, Property Deed,
                     CA police officer credentials or military id w/local station orders

 - More Info - CA Handgun Proof Of Residency -

All purchasers must complete a "Gun Sale Tracker" Before we will start any sale

Remember - we can put up to a 24 hour hold on any firearm while you collect your documents and get ready for the purchase.

You can only buy 1 handgun every 30 days
You must not owe the Government any money or they will reject your purchase
You must be in good standings with  the DMV or they will reject your purchase

You Must Not be Prohibited from purchasing, Owning or Possessing a Firearm
- Have doubts - check here -
Prohibited Prohibiting Categories and List of Prohibiting Misdemeanors
Personal Firearms Eligibility Check Application

- See Above Notice -
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