TARGET MASTERS WEST                     Serving the Shooting Community for Over 25 Years

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Target Masters Has Closed It's Doors

After 37 years we are done - Finished

We are closing out our Guns & Ammo
Other items will be posted later

Please Click Below for a List of the Available Firearms
We only have NEW - in the box - Handguns Available

- - AVAILABLE FIREARMS - - 07/17 2:00pm

Prices Changed 07/15/2019
-- AVAILABLE AMMO - - 07/17 06:30pm
We Will Price Match on 5+ Case Orders

Ongoing sale, till we are out of ammo and guns

- - First come first served - -
...Other items will get posted latter...


To let us know what you are interested in. 
We will be checking our email as time permits.
List will be updated as things run out.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you
for the last 35 years.  Bill

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